Time is an illusion

lunchtime doubly so

And we go round and round..

Travelling in the locals at night in Mumbai, can be refreshing. A few days ago, I was returning from work on the Harbour Line local trains, and drifting in and out of that blissful state called drowsiness. Almost empty compartments – put your feet up, and wait for your station.

On this night, I noticed bright lights along an empty stretch of road, just outside the Chunabhatti station. Some sort of fair – music, hawkers, and a large ferris wheel which was more or less the big attraction – decked up in white light, and going round and round crazily. Somehow, the image stuck – and the next morning, I decided to take my camera along, so I could cart off a shot the next night when the train slowed down at the station. And I did just that.

Ferris wheel

The wheel was turning round and round the next night too, only there was no one in the carriages. An off day at the fair perhaps.

MeasureMap site tracking

I got an invite from MeasureMap yesterday and integrated the javascript into the theme code. Involves inserting their javascript tracking code into the header, comments and page files. The process is pretty much hand-held, what with MeasureMap giving large screenshots of where exactly in the page code their javascript needs to be embedded.

I had completely forgotten that I had signed up for this till I got their email…happens a lot to me these days, since these “invite only” websites and tools have started. I don’t really know how many people come to the site – maybe something like 50 individuals/day. The log viewer at MeasureMap does some basic straightforward reporting like

  • Number of Visitors
  • Time of visit
  • Country of Visitor
  • Browser Used
  • Search keywords used to arrive
  • Referring Site

I have no idea what future additions or plans MeasureMap has in store, but I doubt with the current reporting set and features, they have a real distinct advantage over other visitor tracking sites.

Update: So Google decided to come out with a response to MeasureMap :) Google Analytics, which uses urchin’s tracking mechanism. I signed up for Analytics, and integrated it into WordPress using one of the many available plugins. I’ll let it run for a few weeks before checking up on its reporting features. Don’t have time to read about its feature-set and customise them right now. Techcrunch has a post about Google’s urchin Analytics versus MeasureMap.

Object of Desire – Nikon D200

My first digital camera was a Canon EOS 300D, which I bought early in 2003. But as time wore on, I have’nt really been comfortable with it, and have more or less been using my Nikon F90x with slide film.

And, when I saw the newly announced Nikon D200, I had little doubts in adding it to my list of “desirables”. One review at DPreview.com and another plugging review by Ken Rockwell. Couple of pictures of the camera, taken from DPreview.com

And the good thing about it is the fact that I can use my old Nikon lenses. Something that I miss with the Canon – even though I have 3 lenses for the camera. Not really sure when I can buy it, but it looks really nice – feature-wise. First comes the laptop, let’s see when I can budget another gadget buy :(

a new notebook – B1803TU

After a little bit of research, I finally decided on what notebook I am going to get.. in the next week or so.

It is a Compaq Presario B1803TU. Here are a couple of pics.

The specs of the laptop in decreasing order of my selection criteria are :

  • Weight – 1.85 kgs
  • Processor – 2 GHz, Pentium M
  • RAM – 512 MB
  • Battery – 4 cell Li-ion. 3 hours operation
  • Hard Drive – 80 GB
  • Connectivity – Intel based wireless, Bluetooth, ethernet etc
  • Screen – 12.1″ WXGA with Brightview
  • Resolution – 1280 x 800
  • Optical Drive – Dual Layer DVD±RW/R
  • Graphics – Intel Media Accerator 900 (128 M shared)

I tried searching for reviews to check for compatibility Linux, but the only one I could find was a general product review on zdnet. It appears this is a cheap line of laptops that has been released with Asia as the target market. But oh well, let’s see.

In financial news, the BSE Index crashed below the Rs 7800 mark. And this a good article on Amazon’s slump, speculating if Amazon‘s grandoise plans are resulting in a loss of its faithful base – users and consequently investors.


Well, I’ve got to plug this wonderful effort here. WildIndia.org. The website has a wiki, a journal, a link to lives of wildlife enthusiasts, and finally, my favourite section, the ajax enabled bird distribution in India map.

Birds of India - Google Maps enabled

Absolutely awesome effort by Kalyan. Good work, man.

Netvibes and Ajax

Netvibes is a nice little ajax enabled website.

Allows you to add newsfeeds – from its own list of feeds, or any custom RSS/Atom feeds of your choice. In addition, you can maintain web-notes, a Weather box courtesy of Weather.com , websearches from Google, MSN, Yahoo and Wikipedia, and RSS feed from your GMail account. Pretty nifty as a personal start page in the browser.

Ubuntu 5.10 Released

Finally, Ubuntu 5.10 is released.

To download Ubuntu, head over here, and to download Kubuntu, go here.

Will download and do a fresh install on the laptop. Speaking of laptops, I am back to using the old Dell Inspiron 1100, which IMO sucks. Am on the lookout for a new laptop, so if you have recommendations, would be glad to check them out.


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