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Yahoo Mail Beta

I logged onto Yahoo Mail’s web interface today, and got a pleasant surprise.

After agreeing to test the new Beta Mail, I was asked if I wanted to configure an alias/secondary email to my already existing $firstname@yahoo.com address – and was taken to a neat looking new interface.


What I like with about the new interface is the ability to

  • view the message in the bottom pane
  • open the message in a new sticky window
  • open the message in a popup window(which can be made sticky)

There is one catch however.. I tend to use Mozilla Firefox most of the time, and this new beta “crashed” Firefox .. so all my experiences are with MS Internet Explorer.

All in all, changes which have been long overdue.

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  1. April 28th, 2006 at 02:58 | #1

    yada yada yada. yak yak yak.

    and, yeah. we know you’re very smart and think of stuff looooong before anyone else does.

    putting it up on the www is like – megalomania.

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