by zeeble

Been a long time since I wrote anything here. Life’s been stagnant – in many ways, and maybe the word “uninteresting” is a good summary. Today is a lazy Sunday, and I am home reading up links on the www. Been looking at the travel photographs by Christopher Herwig – mostly of Central Asia. Most of it is amazing.

And among the “better” things, I dumped digital. Well, I had Canon digital for 2.5 years, with the EOS 300D, and I do have a D70s body(which I don’t use all that often), but I bought a used Nikon F5, to replace the old and battered F90 body. The F90 was my best camera whie it lasted, and it has been through a lot. And I am liking the F5 – and still learning its many, many features. Walking around with a f/2.8 lens is so much better than the silvery Canon body. All I need now is a nice lil slide scanner :)