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And we go round and round..

Travelling in the locals at night in Mumbai, can be refreshing. A few days ago, I was returning from work on the Harbour Line local trains, and drifting in and out of that blissful state called drowsiness. Almost empty compartments – put your feet up, and wait for your station. On this night, I noticed […]

Mumbai Map

The folks at CRIT have finally released a nice map of Mumbai, which is pretty nifty. All it needs now is regular inputs from lots of people to name the buildings, landmarks, roads, etc. With a little more GPS help from everyone, the map can become a real treasure trove.

travelling in india

Generated this India – travelled states map.. there are so many places I’ve gone to, but have’nt travelled well. North East India and Lakshadweep are among the top places to be going to. Brought to you by pratibha75, quizling and teemus. Which states in India have you been to? Have been using this little Flickr […]