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Swiftfox – a faster Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla’s Firefox browser has become heavier and heavier with recent builds. Well, it is either that, or maybe there are issues with some of the plugins I use with Firefox – but the end result is that startup load times have gone up dramatically, and performance with 8-9 tabbed panes open is very sluggish. So, […]

Yahoo Mail Beta

I logged onto Yahoo Mail’s web interface today, and got a pleasant surprise. After agreeing to test the new Beta Mail, I was asked if I wanted to configure an alias/secondary email to my already existing $firstname@yahoo.com address – and was taken to a neat looking new interface. What I like with about the new […]

MeasureMap site tracking

I got an invite from MeasureMap yesterday and integrated the javascript into the theme code. Involves inserting their javascript tracking code into the header, comments and page files. The process is pretty much hand-held, what with MeasureMap giving large screenshots of where exactly in the page code their javascript needs to be embedded. I had […]


Well, I’ve got to plug this wonderful effort here. WildIndia.org. The website has a wiki, a journal, a link to lives of wildlife enthusiasts, and finally, my favourite section, the ajax enabled bird distribution in India map. Absolutely awesome effort by Kalyan. Good work, man.