Time is an illusion

lunchtime doubly so


Been a long time since I wrote anything here. Life’s been stagnant – in many ways, and maybe the word “uninteresting” is a good summary. Today is a lazy Sunday, and I am home reading up links on the www. Been looking at the travel photographs by Christopher Herwig – mostly of Central Asia. Most […]

The Book of Pilgrimage

You are the future, the red sky before sunrise over the fields of time. You are the cock’s crow when night is done, You are the dew and the bells of matins, maiden, stranger, mother, death. You create yourself in ever-changing shapes that rise from the stuff of our days — unsung, unmourned, undescribed, like […]

Swiftfox – a faster Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla’s Firefox browser has become heavier and heavier with recent builds. Well, it is either that, or maybe there are issues with some of the plugins I use with Firefox – but the end result is that startup load times have gone up dramatically, and performance with 8-9 tabbed panes open is very sluggish. So, […]

Urban life

Temporary Well Being The pond is plenteous The land is lush, And having turned off the news I am for the moment mellow. With my book in one hand And my drink in the other What more could I want But fame, Better health, And ten million dollars? — Kenneth Burke

Yahoo Mail Beta

I logged onto Yahoo Mail’s web interface today, and got a pleasant surprise. After agreeing to test the new Beta Mail, I was asked if I wanted to configure an alias/secondary email to my already existing $firstname@yahoo.com address – and was taken to a neat looking new interface. What I like with about the new […]

Apples to do Windows now

Now why did Apple do THIS? Windows on the Apple sounds great. Meaning to buy a the new MacBook Pro.. if/when They get clued and name it something more appealing than MacBook Pro The new models have more USB connection options Newer models of the MacBook with FAR better specs are released

Beyond Shotz

Downloaded the second issue of Beyond Shotz. This is a wonderful new photography magazine put together by enthusiasts from Bangalore.

Mumbai Marathon 2006

Here are a few photos from the Mumbai Marathon 2006. The Flickr link for the same, here. The run started around 7:30am and there were about 20-25 thousand runners. Was loads of fun. Here are photos of the winners.