digital rebel firmware flash

Somehow, my body-clock has gone all awry. I’m sleeping at 0000 hrs and waking up at 0400, and then I end up watching all those weird shows on Discovery and Animal Planet. Hope all of this gets automagically resolved somehow.

I flashed my Canon EOS-300D with the Russian firmware patch which enables a lot of menus akin to the EOS-10D. Some of the newly enabled features work, but there are others that show up in the menu, but don’t work. Canon would’nt be such suckers releasing 2 cameras with identical features locked up by firmware, would they?

Nikon’s D70 should give Canon’s Digital Rebel a run for its money in the market – finally, Nikons come up with a product that will allow amateur and hobbyists with AF/Nikkors to venture into the digital photography world.

What else…I need a new laptop, atleast I am sure about the specs. Don’t know any model that would answer to it, or how much it would cost. Maybe in the next few days will post what i want from my laptop.

washed out

Went to LOTR – III Return of the King last night. It was just waaay too long, and hate to admit it, disappointing.

Well, could be because I was pretty tired last night, but whatever..The movie was very very slow at times, and at times the variations from the original storyline is ugghy. To a Tolkien fan like me, the story appeared flakish and disjointed, so I am not sure what a new LOTR movie viewer would glean out of the movie. Maybe the relatively thin attendance at the theatre would be a measure, but then you cant really expect people in Mumbai to lap upto LOTR – there seem to be too many of the Kal Ho Na Ho crowd who clap at useless pieces that pass for comedy.

I am just hoping that the soon-to-be-released DVD set for LOTR with atleast the 3 movies, plus other currently edited parts, and narration will make the trilogy a more compact and closer rendition of the book. Not much else…old schoolchum Sandeep Dipankar landed up at home via Baroda/Lonavala, so we ended up talking late and had a fairly heavy lunch…maybe that made me feel sleepy at the movie

And I dont think last night’s sleep has been enough…too many calls at weird hours and anyway, I tend to sleep light

notes from the underground

Have been underground for a few weeks now :)

Had a great time at home, met up with old friends, some of whom chose to get married…Srikant’s marriage pics here….The Canon EOS 300D was tested out, and I sort of like it. The default 18-55 mm lens sucks big time though. I had to use a 28-135mm IS/USM, which provides sharp pictures, as it is supposed to. The camera itself is very easy to operate. I wish I had the money for a EOS 10D though – some of its features would be nifty :)

What else .. I wasted close to half a day at the new google spawn – orkut. Lots of familiar people there, so sort of fun. It uses MS .net.

Also read some misc books and nice articles on the www. Vinge’s Singularity Paper was particularly nice, and I wonder how no one ever pointed me there before, Hofstadter’s Purity in Language was also great.