Time is an illusion

lunchtime doubly so

Month: February, 2004

digital rebel firmware flash

Somehow, my body-clock has gone all awry. I’m sleeping at 0000 hrs and waking up at 0400, and then I end up watching all those weird shows on Discovery and Animal Planet. Hope all of this gets automagically resolved somehow. I flashed my Canon EOS-300D with the Russian firmware patch which enables a lot of […]

washed out

Went to LOTR – III Return of the King last night. It was just waaay too long, and hate to admit it, disappointing. Well, could be because I was pretty tired last night, but whatever..The movie was very very slow at times, and at times the variations from the original storyline is ugghy. To a […]

notes from the underground

Have been underground for a few weeks now Had a great time at home, met up with old friends, some of whom chose to get married…Srikant’s marriage pics here….The Canon EOS 300D was tested out, and I sort of like it. The default 18-55 mm lens sucks big time though. I had to use a […]